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Steps’ Ian ‘H’ Watkins once went on a secret date with NYSNC’s Lance Bass.

The 46-year-old singer revealed that former boyband heartthrob Lance, 43, invited him on a date many years ago and H brought his bandmate Faye Tozer along as “wingman”.

Speaking on Fearne Cotton’s Radio 2 show ‘Sounds Of The 90s’, he said: “I went on a little bit of a date with Lance from NYSNC. Faye came along with me as my wingman.”

However, H admitted that the date turned a little strange when David Hasselhoff showed up.

He said: “And then when we were out, Lance invited David Hasselhoff out, and his children.

“David let his children sleep on the nightclub benches while we all partied.”

Faye, 46, added that Steps enjoying partying with many celebrities in the US, during their heyday.

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She said: “We went into a bar and Gwen Stefani was there and then we met Engelbert Humperdinck’s son. And then we went back to his house.”

H is dad to six-year-old twin boys, Macsen and Cybi, who were born via egg donor and surrogate the year before he split up with his long term partner Craig Ryder.

Last year, he split from new boyfriend Tom Hope after just three months of dating.

He said: “I’ve done the tough love thing from day one, that’s just something I had to do because I’ve been a single parent from the start and they’re little boys and they’re challenging. It was survival.”

Meanwhile, Lance is married to actor and visual artist Michael Turchin and the couple welcomed twins Alexander and Violet in 2021.

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