Court takes Lee Jun-seok’s side in leadership lawsuit

This photo shows the office for the People Power Party's emergency leadership committee on Friday. (Yonhap)

This photo shows the office for the People Power Party’s emergency leadership committee on Friday. (Yonhap)

A Seoul court on Friday took the side of Lee Jun-seok, the disgraced former leader of the ruling People Power Party, halting the party from moving forward with an interim leadership.

The Seoul Southern District Court granted part of an injunction request filed by Lee, ordering a temporary suspension of duties for the party’s interim chair Rep. Joo Ho-young.

“If Joo, who has been appointed as the party’s interim chair through a vote, holds a party convention to elect a new party leader, Lee cannot return as the party chief and the damage cannot be recovered,” the court said in its ruling.

Though the ruling party argued it had switched into an interim leadership due to an “emergency state,” the court said the emergency was evoked by some members of the party for a transition of power.

The court, however, rejected Lee’s other request to suspend the emergency leadership committee because it failed to meet the qualification requirements.

The People Power Party was up in arms against the ruling, arguing that the court order infringes on the rights of a political party. It also threatened to file for an objection.

“The Seoul Southern District Court’s injunction grant is an infringement on the autonomous decision-making rights of a political party,” said Park Hyung-soo, a People Power Party floor spokesman.

Park claimed every procedure of the party transition to an interim leadership was rightful, based on the party charter.

The party will discuss countermeasures against the court order by holding an emergency meeting at the National Assembly on Saturday.

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