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When a crisis hits, schools are a safe space for children as a driver for hope and dreams.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, every school had to introduce remote learning. And when the war hit Europe two years later, Ukrainian students and teachers had to adapt again.

In times of war, classrooms remain a place where children find a sense of stability and process trauma. However, disparities have long existed regarding education. Depending on financial status, location and country of residence, not every child has access to schooling equally.

How have Ukrainian pupils and teachers been adapting to both the pandemic and the war?

Lana Chubakha, an English primary school teacher from Kyiv, shares her experience with Emma Honteberie (IDM).

Our guest’s recommendation:

The Harry Potter novel series by J.K Rowling and the Harry Potter film series.

CEE – Central Europe Explained is a podcast series produced by the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe, powered by Erste Group.

Guest: Lana Chubakha, Primary English School Teacher and Founder of the volunteer project Pan Ravlenko.

Host: Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate IDM

Production and editing: Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate IDM

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