Putting cash into a smart home is money well spent

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I love smart homes! Having a smart home allows you to stay connected to your house while you are away, keep everything in check, and even regulate your energy usage. According to a recent survey, 79 per cent of Canadian homeowners are familiar with smart home technology, and 78 per cent believe smart home technology can reduce their energy consumption. Builders today are including smart gadgets in their houses, and homeowners love it. Rather than shopping for houses with more luxurious features, more homebuyers are opting for builders with smart updates in their builder packages.

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Whether you’re considering adding a few devices or designing an entire smart home system, consider your current devices and evaluate your future needs first. This will help you create a smart home plan that is safe and secure, and a pro can help you build and install the best smart solution for your house. If you want security to be a foundation in your home, look for solutions that make it easy to link other devices with your home security system. Choose a plan that is flexible and adaptable with upgrades and newer technologies.

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Smart locks are a great idea, especially if you forget to lock the doors after leaving the house, like my daughter, or looking to eliminate the use of your keys entirely. Forget to switch off your small appliances? Smart plugs controlled by your phone can provide peace of mind while you’re gone. You’ll also never have to enter a dark house again with a smart lighting system.

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Smart TVs, sound systems and kitchen appliances are becoming increasingly advanced, there’s even smart air purification systems that detect contaminants in the air and automatically purify and deodorize it, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, allergens and mould.

Smart heating and cooling systems can save up to 50 per cent on energy use, and today’s homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills, become more sustainable and resilient. Smart thermostats are one of the most popular options for lowering utility expenses as you control the temperature automatically when it’s not needed.

Also, you may not have an EV (electric vehicle) now, but you may have one in the future so think about how you will charge it. Combining your EV with rooftop solar and battery storage is a fantastic energy solution.

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Improved bandwidth has made it simple to install and manage smart home gadgets, but along with the control, homeowners still want to feel safe. Depending on the complexity of your smart home, items can be controlled by your smartphone or by a home automation hub.

Hubs are available in wired and wireless systems and provide a one-stop solution for integrating linked devices and managing them from a single app. Some homeowners feel that hubless systems like Alexa or Google Assistant are sufficient for controlling devices like security cameras, door locks, smart lighting, smart plugs, and entertainment systems.

However, there are various options when it comes to setting up a whole home system. While you might be able to install a few smart lights or a doorbell camera with ease, other options may be more difficult. A complex smart home system requires expert electrical and technical knowledge not to mention the time it will take to install.

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You know me, I always advise consulting with a pro. A professional system installer will develop a smart home strategy plan, complete the wiring and installation, provide equipment recommendations, programming, and continuing maintenance and support. Consult with a licensed electrical contractor to complete the wiring installation or talk with a security or smart home professional.

One of the most important issues is ensuring that the data exchanged is safe when installing smart technology. According to research, 40 per cent of today’s smart homes have at least one device vulnerable to hackers, putting the entire house in danger. Hackers take advantage of flaws like shaky access credentials and unpatched software vulnerabilities.

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To protect yourself from threats, use products that have been tested and approved, and consider a multi-layered security strategy for devices that interact with one another. Ensure installation codes, certificates, and verified encryption are part of the protocols for any vendor you choose.

It is predicted that consumers will spend $35.6 billion on this smart home category alone by 2024, with cameras and smart locks being the most popular equipment. You may even find that some insurance providers may offer additional savings when you install a smart security system in your house.

It’s comforting to know that you have alternatives, no matter where you are on your smart home or smart energy journey. Thinking about current and future demands and evaluating your needs gives you the best opportunity to achieve your objectives and be confident in your decisions. Contact a full-service home automation professional to help you integrate and manage your smart home needs and keep making it right.

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