Disney Debuts ‘Avatar,’ ‘Lightyear’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ Footage During CinemaCon – The Hollywood Reporter

The Walt Disney Co. took over the main stage at CinemaCon on Wednesday morning for a 90-minute session that promises to deliver exclusive footage of upcoming films including the anticipated 3D reveal of Avatar 2 along with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Lightyear, David O. Russell’s untitled and star-packed film and Bob’s Burgers.

Tony Chambers, executive vp of theatrical distribution, kicked off the morning by acknowledging the changing entertainment landscape while countering with “one thing that hasn’t changed and never will is the power of the movies.” He added, “Nothing can match the combined power of Disney, Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Searchlight, 20th Century, all led by Alan Bergman, who is in the audience today.”

Before tossing the baton to Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, he delivered a polite warning of what was to come: “Buckle up as we take you on a whistle-stop tour.”

The first stop of that tour was an exclusive sneak peek at Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange, a film that Chambers said has already earned $42 million in advance ticket sales ahead of its May 6 bow. Feige said he came directly from Marvel Studio’s first in-person creative retreat in three years. The event, he said, featured a giant board “that takes us through the next decade and they are unique and special and they are meant for your theaters.”

He teased major 3D offerings and said Ryan Coogler is “working very hard” on the next installment of the Black Panther franchise. “Are we back? Yes, I know we’re back,” he said confidently, citing the studio’s collaboration and huge box office returns with Sony on Spider-Man: No Way Home. “In the next 10 years with existing characters and new characters and new storytelling tools with the multiverse, anything can happen.”

Feige then introduced the extended footage of Doctor Strange which featured explosive action including a wedding scene with Rachel McAdams’ character walking down the aisle before a giant, one-eyed octopus threatens the nuptials celebration outside. Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong’s characters square off with it alongside Xochiti Gomez’s character America Chavez. She later explains the multi-verse and her ability to travel through it.

More to come from the presentation including recaps of forthcoming Avatar footage, Russell’s film, Lightyear and the big-screen Bob’s Burgers.

More to come. 

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