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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A decline in coronavirus cases and the easing of many restrictions means more people are getting together or going out. That’s a big change from life over the last two years, and it could cause some people to feel anxious or uneasy.

Dr. Danielle Henderson, a clinical psychologist with IU Health, says some “COVID anxiety” is possible as things open back up and people start making more plans.

“More events and activities are being planned, and maybe, since we didn’t get to do them last year or the year before, we’re feeling like we’ve got to do it now or we might miss out,” Henderson said. “That can be anxiety-provoking and overwhelming for people, particularly since we’re still in COVID.”‘

It’s okay to feel nervous or anxious, Henderson says, and it’s okay to take things slowly.

“There are now probably a lot of events on people’s social calendars. Maybe think about, ‘I’ve been invited to a lot of things, but do I need to go to all of these things? Maybe I want to prioritize and then slowly build up to more activities.’”

Feeling worn out after a lot of socializing or after attending an event like dinner with a large group is normal, according to Henderson.

“We’re kind of trying to relearn those skills, and it can be tiring and hard,” Henderson said.

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