Asia’s first Porsche exhibition garners attention in Seoul

The “Porsche Ikonen” exhibition (Porsche Korea)

The “Porsche Ikonen” exhibition (Porsche Korea)

Asia’s first Porsche exhibition, “Porsche Ikonen,” drew thousands of visitors in its first week in Seoul, Porsche Korea said Friday.

Since the general opening to the public Saturday, the exhibition saw around 6,500 visitors as of Thursday, with an average of 2,000 visitors last weekend, according to the automaker. Tickets for the coming weekend have already sold out.

Showcasing 18 units of legendary cars including the hypercar concept “919 Street,” Porsche’s most iconic models throughout its history are on display at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul to let visitors experience the brand’s innovation and heritage, Porsche Korea said.

The exhibition also served as the 919 Street concept car’s world premiere.

“We are delighted to introduce these legendary sportscars including the ‘919 Street,’ that have been established as icons symbolizing the history of the Porsche brand for over 70 years,” Porsche Korea’s Chief Executive Officer Holga Geermann said in a statement. “We expect a lot of interest from the domestics fans in this exhibition which offers a chance to connect with the brand through heritage icons reflecting the beginning, present and future of Porsche.”

The exhibition runs through April 22.

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