John Oliver Gives Former Parent Company AT&T Two Middle Fingers – The Hollywood Reporter

John Oliver isn’t done sticking it to AT&T.

As of last Friday, HBO is officially no longer owned by the company — which Oliver condescendingly refers to as “Business Daddy” — after Discovery and WarnerMedia officially closed their merger, creating a new media and entertainment giant called Warner Bros. Discovery.

And Oliver couldn’t resist taking another job on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight during a segment on the fact that AT&T-owned DirecTV dropped conservative cable outlet One America News Network last week.

On his HBO series, Oliver showed a clip of an OAN anchor announcing the news to viewers: “Come Monday, you will no longer see One America News on a certain satellite provider, which I won’t even mention because I don’t like uttering their name out of my mouth,” he said.

Said Oliver: “Just so you know, the provider that he’s referring to there is DIrecTV, which is a subsidiary of a parent company I will not mention because I don’t even like uttering their name out of my mouth.”

He went on: “Interestingly, as of Friday, AT&T officially no longer owns us so it is goodbye from me, Business Daddy. Let me just say this,” he added, giving two middle fingers pointed directly to the screen, “which is frankly two more bars than you have ever had.”

Oliver previously attacked AT&T over its connection with OAN after a Reuters report revealed that AT&T helped create and fund the far right-wing network, which has spread conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the 2020 election.

Over the years, Oliver has taken several other shots at AT&T, frequently mocking what he calls its “terrible” service. He also took jabs at AT&T during a segment about robocalls and went on a rant over the company’s support of “white nationalist” Steve King.

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