Conor McGregor re-opens row with ex-UFC champion with “fat midget novice” jibe

McGregor has rekindled his social media argument with former UFC champion Henry Cejudo by labelling him a “fat midget novice” after the American held pads for Cris Cyborg

Conor McGregor has restarted his bitter row with former UFC champion Henry Cejudo by branding him a “fat midget novice”.

The Irishman is notorious for his heated exchanges with sport’s leading stars on social media including recent verbal jabs traded with Tyson Fury and Nate Diaz.

McGregor and Cejudo engaged in a spat earlier this year with the Irishman responding to the Brazilian’s “riverdance” jibe after asking UFC president Dana White for a title shot.

Now the feud has been reignited by McGregor, with the UFC star tweeting: “The audacity of this little fat midget novice to be holding a kick pad for Cris Cyborg. Look at the state of him omg. Fat midget novice.”

The tweet came in response to a video of Cejudo holding the pads for Cris Cyborg who is the only women to have won four titles in different MMA promotions.

Cejudo has previously suggested the Irishman is “finished” last year and could be reduced to taking a boxing clash with Jake Paul after his consecutive defeats by Dustin Poirier.

The American retired from the UFC after successfully defending his bantamweight crown in 2020 but has since suggested he could return for a sizeable price.

He renewed his rivalry with McGregor shortly after daring the Irish star to “sucker punch” bitter rival Khabib Nurmagomedov and face the consequences.

A furious spat was started by Cejudo when he called for a title shot , asking UFC president White: “Dana, I needed a break. Honestly, it was getting boring beating up TJ Dillashaw in under a minute and Dominick Snooze in 2.

“I got married, had a kid and am now rejuvenated. I wanna be 4C. If I beat up an old guy at a bar and learn how to riverdance will you give me a shot?”

McGregor quickly fired back, tweeting: “Henry Cejuda [sic] is a fart.”

Cejudo had the final say: “What do you know about farting? You always run out of gas.”

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After breaking his leg in defeat to Poirier in July, McGregor is eyeing a return to the octagon with options presented at 155lbs and 170lbs.

Using a similar method to Cejudo, McGregor demanded a shot at the lightweight crown against the winner of Charles Oliveira’s title defence against Justin Gaethje.

McGregor believes an immediate tilt for the belt would show him the respect he deserves for his UFC career.

“It is about time this game starts giving me respect for my different styles of fighting,” McGregor told Severe MMA. “My shots downwards and upwards, no matter what’s going on with the leg I would scoot into open guard.

“There is an 11 per cent chance that this bone didn’t heal but that has gone now. I will forever be in that instability. There is levels to this game. So the game is got to understand and give me respect for the multiple facets of my game.”

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