Ahn attacks Yoon for being ‘idealistic’

Ahn Cheol-soo, the presidential candidate for the minor opposition People’s Party, attacked Yoon Suk-yeol of the major opposition People Power Party for being unrealistic about leading a government in a situation where opposition parties are the majority.

“If (the Democratic Party of Korea) attempts to disturb the government because it has 180 seats in the National Assembly, I believe it goes against the orders of the Constitution,” Yoon said during a TV debate held Friday, in response to Ahn’s question on how he will lead the government when the Democratic Party of Korea has 180 seats in the National Assembly.

The ruling party currently holds 172 seats in the 300-seat assembly.

“In the past, the late President Kim Dae-jung dealt with huge opposition parties with only 79 members in the National Assembly supporting him,” Yoon answered. “We can cooperate as long as we stick to the Constitution.”

“If opposition parties oppose the ruling party (without good reason), it goes against the Constitution,” Yoon said.

Ahn disagreed, saying Yoon was being “idealistic” as he has never been part of National Assembly.

“The sticking to the Constitution part is great. But that is not what happens at the National Assembly. I am worried Yoon does not know the realities (of the National Assembly), as he has never been a member,” Ahn said. Ahn was a member of the National Assembly for two terms.

“I call for an integrated cabinet,” Ahn said. He has been repeatedly calling for appointing figures regardless of their political parties.

“If the president appoints figures from the ruling party, opposition party and experts, the people will have trust in the cabinet. Even a 180-seat opposition party will not be able to oppose easily. Expecting the National Assembly to stick to the Constitution is ideal and unrealistic,” Ahn said.

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