Coldest temperatures in years for Ontario and Quebec today and Saturday

These are some of the coldest temperatures the two provinces have seen since 2000

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Bundle up because the coldest air in years is sweeping across Ontario and Quebec, and the deep chill is expected to stay until Saturday morning.

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“We’ve got several shots of Arctic air reinforcing our cold pattern, bringing dangerous cold,” said Weather Network meteorologist Nadine Powell on Friday morning.

These are some of the coldest temperatures Ontario and Quebec have seen since 2000, she said, adding that “exposed skin will freeze in a matter of minutes.”

Montreal could reach -29.1C, a temperature it hasn’t hit since 2004.

For Toronto, the temperature is expected to reach -14C by Saturday morning. The coldest weather recorded since 2000 was -26.3C in 2016.

“Extreme cold with wind chills near -30C is expected to return again tonight into early Saturday morning,” Environment Canada warned on Friday morning for Eastern Ontario.

It’s not expected to warm up into the following week, but there are no “significant snow threats in the immediate future.” Looking ahead, a “persistently cold pattern” will remain in Quebec and Ontario.

This comes after a winter storm covered the provinces in snow on Monday, resulting in delayed flights, class cancellations and road closures.

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