[Today’s K-pop] Lumious wants to console listeners with music

(Credit: Barunson WIP Entertainment)

(Credit: Barunson WIP Entertainment)

Boy band Luminous held an online showcase to put out its second EP “Self n Ego” on Wednesday.

There are many artists coming out with new music this month, but they would rather not follow the trend that tends to be fancy or catchy, and base their music on solid ambience, said Woobin. This EP goes deeper than their debut EP, making listeners think, he added.

“When you are down, someone’s consolation or sympathy can give you great strength. Such feelings, I believe, are what our music gives,” said Suil, underlining the message of the EP.

The new album looks at the confusion and agony between the real self and the ego that one carefully crafts, like a mask. And the focus track “All Eyes Down” sings of hope but at the same time questions the false hope one might hold deep inside.

“With this album, we are hoping that we’d rank among the top 50 on the charts,” said Steven. He added that the group will try to prepare for an international tour.

Bambam stands tall solo, lands atop iTunes chart in 30 regions

(Credit: Abyss Company)

(Credit: Abyss Company)

Bambam of GOT7 proved himself strong as a solo musician, as his second solo EP “B” and main track “Slow Mo” stormed across charts both at home and abroad.

The six-track EP, out Tuesday, landed atop the iTunes top albums chart in 30 regions. The main track landed on the iTunes top songs chart in 17 regions. The EP also ranked No. 1 on its worldwide and European charts.

The musician admitted that he feels more pressure on his own to be perfect, and sometimes feels lonely at the online media showcase. But it also is a chance for him to mature.

At the showcase, he hinted that the band’s return is pending. The bandmates gathered to mark the eighth anniversary of debut, two days before the event, and discussed it and shared songs they have written with GOT7 in mind.

“I do know [when we will be back as a whole team],” he said, before stopping himself.

BTS’s Jimin sets record with solo song

(Credit: Big Hit Music)

(Credit: Big Hit Music)

Jimin of BTS garnered 30 million views on YouTube with his solo song “Serendipity Full Length Edition” as of Tuesday.

This is the third song of his to reach the milestone on the platform, following “Filter” and “Christmas Love,” and he became the first K-pop solo artist to have three audio tracks that achieved the feat.

The song is the full-length version of “intro: Serendipity,” which came out in September 2017 and topped the iTunes top songs chart in 80 regions. He was the first member of the band to have a solo work surpass 100 million views on YouTube. The new version was released in August 2018.

Last week, his first self-written song “Promise” surpassed 300 million streams on SoundCloud, the first-ever song to do so on the platform. The song was dropped in December 2018 and still holds the record as the most-streamed song within 24 hours on SoundCloud, at 8.5 million.

Shinhwa’s Andy to marry

(Credit: SM Entertainment)

(Credit: SM Entertainment)

Andy of Shinhwa announced Wednesday that he is getting married. 

In a hand-written letter that was posted on his personal SNS account, he addressed fans thanking them sincerely for being there for the band over the past 24 years.

He wanted them to be the first to know that he found someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

“She has made me laugh when I was going through a hard time … now I want to live a life together than on my own,” said the veteran idol, adding that hopefully fans would bless the new beginning.

The bride-to-be is known to be a television presenter, nine years younger than 41-year-old.

The musician debuted as a member of Shinhwa, the longest-standing idol group in K-pop, in 1998. He will be the third member to marry, following Eric and Jun Jin.

The date for the wedding has not been announced yet.

By Hwang You-mee

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