‘GUY FARTS ONE F—ING TIME’: Uber passenger passes gas, goes on racist tirade against driver

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An Uber driver wouldn’t hit the gas because one of his passengers passed it out of his buttocks.

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And then it led to an aggressive, racially-charged tirade.

Driver Jose Peralta claims he refused service of three passengers because one of them wouldn’t stop farting in his vehicle. The driver told CTV News he picked up three men outside a strip club in Kitchener, Ont., early Sunday morning.

The plan was to drop the three people off at their intended stop, but the transport was cut short when Peralta said one of the passengers cut the cheese three times.

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Peralta started recording the incident when one of the passengers became irate.

“The guy farts one time, he farts and you’re not going to drive me home?” one of the passengers can be heard saying.

The Uber driver told the trio the farting happened more than once, which seemed to anger them more.

“Who gives a f—?” a passenger responded. At this point, Peralta pulls his Mazda into a plaza parking lot and asks the men to exit the vehicle.

“Are you even allowed in Canada?” one of the passengers asked Peralta, which was followed by a barrage of racist remarks, insults and cussing.

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Eventually, the three strip club patrons get out of the car, but not before one of them goes to the driver side to pull on the door handle. The passenger challenges Peralta to get out of the car and fight.

Another one of the passengers can be heard telling the angered pal to stop.

The driver told CTV News that while he tried to keep calm and not retaliate, he was rattled by the experience.

“It’s three of them and I’m there by myself. I don’t know what they’re going to do,” said Peralta.

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“I don’t have to put up with the abuse. The racial stuff is what really bothered me.”

Waterloo Regional Police said the Uber driver did the right thing by not engaging the passengers, noting cops should be called immediately.

In a statement, Uber said it has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination and that an investigation has been launched.

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“The treatment of this driver was extremely disturbing to hear and we have reached out to the driver,” an Uber spokesperson stated. “We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and we’ve permanently deactivated this rider from the app.”

Peralta said he didn’t want to drive again right after the incident, but he’s now back on the road and putting it behind him.

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